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Morning chicks!

I hate to unload on you all but I have to tell you what has been going on.

On Friday one of my tires came off my truck while I was driving it. Luckily I was downtown at a very busy intersection so I was only going 10 mph, however - note the very busy intersection part. I was very embarrassed but that quickly changed when the police came and told me my truck had been tampered with. So it quickly became a criminal investigation. Yup one of my darling students took all the lug nuts off the tire except one and I'm just damn lucky I wasn't driving 80 MPH down the highway with my 7 year old in the truck cause it would have rolled and we would probably be dead and I would have hit other cars too. The only reason I hadn't taken the highway downtown was I had to meet with the company that processes our payroll because of a mistake. So I drove cross town on regular streets. Otherwise I would have taken the highway. We have had two classes from h**l lately and really had to crack down on them.

Needless to say I've been in a surreal funk since then. I drank some drinks on Friday night and had pasta on Saturday and topped it off with chinese food last night (cause it is too stinken hot to cook). Now I just keep staring off into space. I've been puppy sitting for the X all weekend so I've laid low (which is good cause I have no truck) but I can't seem to get past this series of emotions. First I'm grateful cause DS wasn't with me and cause I was going only 10 mph when it happened. Then I get mad trying to figure out which of the nasty students did it. Then I just get sad cause it makes me realize that someone we trained to go work with vulnerable people in hospitals and nursing homes is capable of trying to kill someone (me). Then the whole thing starts over again.

There is basically nothing the police can do. The only thing I can do is not recommend anyone from those two classes for jobs but that doesn't seem right to punish 31 people cause one person is a sick freak who needs help. I can only pray that somehow God will weed this person out and make sure they don't ever work with vulnerable people.

I need some motivation chicks. I'm really in a funk. Maybe I'll feel better when I get my truck fixed today. I already had to write a check for $89.00 tow charges and $438.00, for parts. That isn't even labor. And as the Americans can explain to the Canadian chicks - if I turn it into insurance my rates will sky rocket and I'll pay more in 10 months than I would if I just paid for it myself. I need some happy vibes! Help!
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