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Dear Cindi, So glad to hear from you! I have also been struggling with this weight since the 4th grade. Fortunately, I do not have diabetes, as you do, but it sounds like you have really gotten a handle on things and that you are doing really well. I am happy for you. It is great to share with someone going through, the same things, as myself. I have been lacking in motivation lately, due to a lot of emotional problems in my life. As you probably can relate to me, I eat when I am sad or happy. No difference. Food has been my comfort. Anyway, I have to get moving and do something, now because of my difficulty being able to walk.I just went to the store before, about two blocks away and two blocks back. Now, I am wiped out for the day. My Doctor wants to do an MRI to find out, what is wrong exactly, but in the meantime, losing weight would help take pressure off my joints. I am missing out on a lot of social things and can barely get my necessities done. Thanks for sharing all your ups and downs, with me. Hopefully we can support one another. It is worth it. Take care Lucyee
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