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Following on from yesterday mornings weather report, the following occurred during the day and overnight. Itís only interesting because I live in the Sub-Tropics on the east coast of Australia.

Yesterday, on the plaza at the bottom of the building that I work in, the powers that be had a morning tea and seminar on the joys of State Government superannuation. They put out tables with bunches of balloons and edible goodies like sandwiches and buns etc etc.

Yesterday the wind blew, and blew and blew and blew. Donít anyone ever tell me about NZís windy Wellington anymore.

As a result of this cold wind blowing, the seminar shifted indoors, but not before the wind picked up enough strength to blow the sandwiches clear off the plates and into the air. We were watching bits of lettuce and other unknown foodstuffs floating through the air and past our windows. The wind was so strong that it picked up one of the bunches of balloons - which were weighted down with little brick thingies and they too floated past the office windows.

Of course winter here in the subtropics means cool nights and mild to warm days - but yesterday it didnít get passed 18C (if you need a quick formula for conversion to fahrenheit - double the temp and add 30.) And that wind was just the pits. Once the sun left the sky, the temps plummetted again. Somewhere in the inland sub-tropics snow fell yesterday. First snow that far north in 46 years. Mind you the Canadians would have called it dandruff not snow, but the kids were having a wonderful time of it sliding down the slopes on their skateboards minus the wheels.

Last night got very cold and the drive to the station this morning was more than a tad chilly. In fact the little information screen on the dash started a 7c and went down as far as 2.5c. After 3.5c little snowflake diagrams started to appear on the screen warning me of ice outside. ICE - we only use that in our drinks!!

I remembered my lunch and breakfast today. So yesterdays bad eating is now a thing of the past - ha ha. And although I was bitterly cold and missed my usual train home last night due to a meeting running overtime, I talked myself into going to the gym for the cardio circuit (15 mins ea on Treadmill, bike and stepper last night) and felt better for it - or is that my conscience taking a well earned break?

Tonight I am going out to dinner with the brother and the niece and nephew and then home to start preparations for the weekend. I have a rowdy bunch of footy fanatics coming over to cheer on the All Blacks against the British & Irish Lions tomorrow. I have decided to serve comfort food (for the British of course) such as lamb shanks and mashed potato and carrot. The kids love them slow cooked in wine and stock. Thereís some NZ beer for the boys (the Brits will just have to make do) and a nice Spanish red for me and the niece. Following the footy we will spill out on to the patio and toast some marshmallows etc over the barbecue and I will put a good old favourite of rhubarb crumble in the weber for comsumption. By that time we probably wonít feel the cold. Later is the Australia v Italy test and we will all have to watch that as well no doubt. It should be fun.

Meanwhile back in the office, I have to prepare for 3 training sessions of 1.5hrs each. Kate - our administrator is hoping to make the 3 into two so we can all go home early. Good onya Kate.

Back later to catch up on the news and comment
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