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Originally Posted by maggie2005
May I ask for your recipe for the tomato/red pepper soup? That sounds like a fantastic combination....Thanks!
Thanks for the kind comments everyone I'm still fighting to lose the last annoying 2 lbs, so your comments are really really motivating!

Maggie2005, I keep the tomato/red pepper soup in my office for emergencies, it comes in a box!! The brand is Pacific - here's a link:

I've tried the Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato, Creamy Tomato, and Creamy Roasted Carrot - all are good! I want to try the Butternut Squash soup too.

Originally Posted by Solus
Everyone keeps asking me what I am doing and I have had SUCH a hard time explaining it. THIS IS IT EXACTLY. Now I can just print it off and hand it to them. THANK YOU for writing this!
It is so hard to come up with a short version - sometimes I call it the "Eat good food, avoid bad food, work out and drink tons of green tea" diet.

Since I originally posted, I got a tattoo to help me stay focused and committed. The tattoo is a Chinese proverb that means "Dripping water can eat through stone" to help me remember it's every tiny step that leads to success. Here's a link to a picture (it's freshly done with a tiny bit of blood, so don't click if blood freaks you out). John took the picture in extreme close up so it looks enormous, it's less than 3 inches long, down my spine:

A tattoo is a HUGE step for me. I am not funky. I am about as plain and boring of a person as you can imagine - I was the secretary of the National Honor Society in high school, I was in the marching band!

I have really thought long and hard about this. Before I thought about tattoos and could never think of anything so meaningful I would want it dyed into my skin forever. This...this is different. I want this reminder, I want this to be permanent, I want this to be a motivator. I want this to say DO NOT #Bleep# THIS UP.

It is very meaningful to me - it represents all the hard work this year, I have never given up, not for one second. I kept making changes, both big and little to be the healthiest person I can be.

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