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Hi ladies, I am barely 5 foot tall, and I weighed 215 pounds when I hiked 10 miles down the Bright Angel Trail with 10 pounds on my back in 110 degrees to White Water Raft the Colorado through the Grand Canyon for 10 days. I made sure I was somewhat physically fit ..but the point is that it was my dream since I could remember to do it and I wasnt going to "weight" until I was X pounds to do it.

I have a Dagger Kyack and a canoe to boot. I do WW kyacking all summer - and do overnight canoe/camp trips. It is what I love to do -Do what you love, do it today - embrace your life! We've all heard the snarky ignorant remarks of others..yeah it hurts, but if you are not living your life because of how others will judge you or make a Fat joke, you may have to work on your self esteem . Nobody walks in your shoes...and in the end, all we have is ourselves and the life we choose to live.

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