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Originally Posted by cecilyisworking
I know with all my heart that you're right, Sarah! Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned. We’d all be wise indeed to take it to heart and put it into practice.
Hello, Cecily. Unfortunately, it took a cancer diagnosis to teach me this lesson! It's been a long six months, and it felt at times like so many aspects of my dignity and sense of self were stripped away from me, laying bare just the spirit beneath. In addition to a host of other dignity-related hurtles I had no choice but to jump, I was forced also to "give up" some "fat self"-protective behaviors and mindsets and say about going out bald with my freshly returned double chin and no eyelashes, or going sleeveless with fat arms, or snorkeling and swimming with strangers when I'm fat and have lost all my hard-earned muscle tone -- or any number of other things I'd have been a heck of a lot more comfortable doing at a lighter weight, "What's gonna happen? I'm gonna get cancer?" I mean seriously!! What's going to happen if you do now the thing that you think you're too fat to do? Why wait for tomorrow? You just truly have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring.

That said, I do have some fitness-related goals/plans for doing things that I'm physically incapable of doing now. But those are goals for a differently abled body -- not dreams on hold.

Putting dreams on hold is just not something that I want to do in my life. And if that realization were the single positive outcome of having a life-threatening illness, then I'd consider it worth it. (Of course, I know that I learned much more than that as a result of having this experience, so truly I know that I'm a very lucky girl. )
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