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Welcome, Ex! You and I have similar weight loss goals.....I've been bouncing around between 175-180...would like to get down to 140 or so, but will be very happy with 150. When I started posting here, I was 'round all this great support certainly helps!

Jane - thanks for the card...heehee I thought it was real cute "go ahead, eat the bread"

Sue - I don't think I could cut it in the midwest... your weather would do me in. I suppose you are used to it. We have had a typical Oregon week..mid-60s rain off and on. For me, that's pleasant. I've grown exasperated with the mud, though. Our big dirt pile in the backyard was lots of fun 'til it started raining, now it's a big mud pile. The kids are thrilled, but I despair of ever having clean floors in my lifetime.

Cristi - hope your weather dries up enough so you can finish your fence. Your storm sounded kind of scary..hope you aren't getting a tornado or something. Don't know if it's our mild weather or not, but I have had roses blooming in December before. I can never remember their names. Usually I get rose hand-me-downs from my ILS, from when they get a new delivery from Jackson and Perkins.

Susan - I missed the I didn't get to see you scooping the poop...hope you had fun..I think the rain stopped long enough for the parade, but I can't remember...I took the kids to the library and completely blanked on the parade. Hope you had a good time.

Terri - your flower bed sounds so pretty. I found a place this year that delivers composted dairy manure... so I ordered about 3 or 4 four scoops. That's alot of POOP. Fortunately, it is composted so it doesnt smell. It is the best for our flower beds! I was so excited! I couldn't find anyone in the area that delivered last year, but now I guess there is enough demand from wierdos like me who have nothing better to do than to get excited by cow poop.

Marti - hope you missed the traffic - and that you are having a great weekend.

Well, my week turned out to be busy. Some friends of ours had their baby on Tuesday, so we had a visit or two...bought them my standard new baby gift; a case of diapers and a binky. I figure flowers die, and babies don't wear that much in the way of clothing at that age. On the home front, I booked the plumber to come out and do the rough in, and we are getting bids on the concrete foundation job. Hopefully, we'll finish the digging today.

Started the week at 180 , but was able to stick to the Zone for most of the week and yesterday I was back to 177... I had a nasty little flirtation with some yummy popcorn balls last night. We were watching some kids for our friends so they could celebrate their anniversary...and it just seemed like a great rainy-day thing to do. The kids had so much fun making them.. and we all enjoyed eating them. This recipe was from my DH's grandma and calls for putting a package of jello mix in with the marshmallow mixture. Gives it some color and flavor. We made yummy. So today I am back in the Zone and will be sticking to it.

Have a great day everyone!