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Sadie, I don't know if today was a really busy day for you or not, but what you've eaten (and mostly what you haven't) isn't very healthy. You should be eating three large and three small (snacks) meals a day. You need to focus on protein and vegetables with some starches and fruits and a small bit of healthy fat. You should also be getting 64 oz of plain water (at least!) a day.

The canned soups are mostly not SBD legal because of sugar, pasta, bad fats, and many other things. The only one I've found that works is Lentil. Tomato soup has sugar in it, so it's a big no-no, on any phase. You can make your own at home using canned tomatoes and tomato puree that doesn't have sugar (Hunt's Tomato sauce is sugar-free). I realize canned soup is a big time saver, but you can make up a big pot of soup at home and freeze portions to take to work.

By not eating for most of the day and then eating late in the day, you are letting your blood sugar get low and then eating more than you need because your body is trying to get the blood sugar back up. You also aren't burning as much energy during the day because your body thinks you are starving and thus stops you from releasing any extra fat. You're doing yourself a disservice. When your body doesn't get enough protein, it takes it from your muscles, and they are what helps you burn fat, so you don't want to lose them!

Take care of yourself, okay?
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