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Good Night Girls

Noelle nice to see you post. I thought I was alone . I am glad you had fun last weekend. You are right, that is the main thing that counts, whatever you are doing . Congrats on the new armoire. I love buying new furniture. I am trying to talk dh into a new couch and kitchen table yet. I saw a commercial tonight for couches for $299.00. I wonder if they would hold up though. But with the kids spilling their juice it doesn't pay for me to spend a lot. Thanks for reply on the potty thing. I told her when she was on the toliet today, I will give you five dollars if you go, so yes I gave into a bribe, I was desperate, I knew she had to go. I even was sitting on my bathroom floor singing Mr. Roger's Song You Will Never Go Down the Drain, LOL . Also brought in her favorite bear and tried to read her a story . You are right though I think it is pressure from others. Like even things with the bottle or nursing or sleeping through the night. They will do things when they are ready. Just like our sons did. Well you have a great evening.

Hi out there everyone else. Going to go and get ready for bed and pick up a little. Bye for now.
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