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Hey girls, we gotta keep this thread hopping! Anything exciting happen this weekend? We went to the state fair and tried to watch Camille Velasco perform, but only got through the first 2-1/2 songs. I just don't like her style. I didn't go back to the area to watch Diana DeGarmo either. The fair was mucho crowded--I have never seen it like that in a LONG time. I think part of it is that a lot of the military personnel that were deployed overseas have recently come back, and the economy here is picking up. We had fun though and that's the main thing. We bought a new armoire type cabinet for the bedroom, I wanted it mostly to store my linens and bags--the bags took up two shelves (the cabinet is 36" long). I still have some stuff on the floor but slowly and surely my bedroom is becoming habitable again.

Julie, I feel for ya girl with the potty training thing. I remember my boy being the same way. I think it was everyone in the house pressuring him that made him not want to go on the toilet. It was when we backed off that he went by himself. In fact, I think I was away on vacation when he finally did it--go figure. Have you tried the bribery route? I think with me it was a Thomas the Tank Engine train or something... You know, I've read that some kids are just afraid to do #2 because they feel like it's a body part and they themselves fear getting flushed down? Or something like that. Good luck, I have a feeling she'll go when you're not looking.

Cherie, thanks for starting the new thread...the months are starting to blend together for me, almost forgot it was a new month! Gosh, we're halfway through the year already! You sound like you had a wonderful but busy weekend. Wow, a cruise with your sweetie, another thing to look forward too, that is just awesome. You deserve those breaks you know? And congratulations to your pre-K graduate and your award winning 1st grader. Is Meghan looking forward to Kindergarten? Now she can go to the same school as her big sis, that should be exciting for her.

Dips, well HELLO! Don't be a stranger now. We look forward to having you jump start this thread every now and then

Hello to Kempy, Angie, Cal and everyone else. Have a good evening.
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