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Hey's me, the one who has fallen so HARD off the wagon that I just cannot get back up. Ever since my birthday (gosh, that was more than a week ago!!!), I've had some sort of 'eating' function almost every day. I just thought I was getting on track today (being home is a little easier for me) then I find that I have a fund raiser dinner tomorrow night at this GREAT Mexican restaurant......that means poor eating, that means a margarita and that means I'll miss curves after work. All in my control, I know but......well, you know.

Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and say hi.....oh, I almost forgot......I'm going to be a first time grandmother!!!!!!!!!!!!! My daugher Jenna is pregnant with our first grandchild. She got engaged a few months ago and now a baby. I told her that I thought we were supposed to get married first but she just says "ma, it's the 2000's". I can't figure it out (it was planned!!) but hey, what can I say.....I'm still so excited.

Have a great evening you's guys.........
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