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The strength training exercises (lunges, etc.) that you are doing work primarily the fronts and the backs (quadriceps and hamstrings) of your thighs-not the inner and outer thigh muscles. This is the same thing with the walking, running, biking, etc. These exercises work the calves, shins, front and backs of the thighs-and leave the inner and outer thighs with not much going on.

Do you have any rollerblades? You could alternate rollerblading with your walking-the gait that you use when rollerblading works the inner and outer thighs more than the other cardio that you do.
On your strength training days-add in some plie squats-with the feet and knees turned out, and where you lower straight down (not "sitting into it" like you do for a regular squat.) You can also do traditional inner and outer thigh floorwork exercises with ankle weights on.

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