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angela, do you like musicals? we saw phantom of the opera last night. i loved it--and i usually don't care for movies with quite that much singing. not only were the songs beautiful, but the cinematography is out of this world. it's a beautiful movie.

vickie, i'm sending you good vibes for a great wi. i have a positive feeling about tonight. be sure to get online and let us know asap.

cher, we're going out of town next week for about 3 days to attend an archery state outdoor championship. i'm a little worried about the eating. i will be able to take fruit. that will help. what area do you live in? you don't have to be specific if you don't want, but i'm curious. birthday cakes with lots of frosting are my downfall. i have even ordered them and had "happy pigout" put on them--just for me and not for my bday. i'm bad, aren't i?
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