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Sorry Lucky, the spreadsheet i made is for this coming week. This past week i was in St. Louis for my DIL's graduation. Don't have any good stories to tell of my trip because most of then are all bad and i don't want to sound like I'm constantly complaining and nitpicking.
I just remembered one funny story to tell you. My DIL's mother (See picture, far left)
was telling us about when she was a little girl, her and her sisters would play real or not real. One of them would get under the covers and crawl to the foot of the bed. That person would make a noise like a fart and the rest of the had to guess if the noise was real or not. It was funny when she told it. I guess its one of those things you just had to be there.

Yesterday i did get into the pool at the Y and started water walking but was getting a little board. The pool is outside and i was thinking about getting out and going home when i spotted a little water bug floating on top of the water. When i tried to get close to the bug it would move, so i started chasing it and was just having a gay old time trying to catch this bug and water walking at the same time. I guess it got tired of me chasing it because it flew away, but i did get a good workout.

Even though i have started my exercise challenge, I'm going to start reporting on it tomorrow. What day do you want to have as an ending?

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