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Wouldn't you know it. The pool finally opens and we have a forecast of a week's worth of rain.

Thanks for the star Gloria. I had my piece last night and it was really good but not good enough to keep eating it and ruin any chance of losing weight this week! I did put it in an opaque tupperware container and stick it in the back of the fridge though - just to be sure I'm not tempted to pick at it. It is the stragest thing to still EXPECT to eat like my old self and then NOT eat like my old self. I would give anything to know who, what, when, where, and why that switch got flipped. I certainly didn't notice it happen. The funny thing is that I lost 40 or so pounds two years ago. I remember precisely that a piece of this cake was the very first thing I ate when I started to slip and regain. A friend of mine from junior high emailed me and asked for the recipe (she remembered my mom making it). I sent it to her and then just couldn't shake the craving for it. So, I made one feeling VERY confident that I could eat one piece and be done with it. I only had one piece alright. But after that I nearly forked the thing to death with a bite here and a bite there. I ended up having to put the last 1/4 of it down the disposal. But, it was too late. The old, familiar cycle had already begun and I had that 40 pounds loaded on in no time.

I did have something super yummy today for lunch. I picked our first four peppers from the garden this morning. I made a stuffing of rice cooked in chicken broth, spices, and a few grape tomatoes. I sauteed a little whole kernal corn, black beans, onion, jalepenos, and chili powder. Mixed the two together and stuffed the peppers. Topped each one with a tablespoon of Tostitos Con Queso and popped them in the oven util the queso was hot. Boy, were they good. And very filling I might add. It was one of those "gotta use up the leftovers before they go bad" meals. I LOVE fresh vegetables and can't wait until our first tomatoes ripen!

I am off to the gym to fill today's exercise quota for our challenge. I'm going to have my measurements taken too so if I have any good news I'll be back to post it.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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