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[QUOTE]Hope the steroids don't make me grow a beard and mustache. [QUOTE] Gloria, I was going to ask for a picture but you must have suspected as much because you already posted one!!!

I haven't been a very good poster - mostly just tired.

How about we start our challange on Tuesday May 31st?????

On or before that date post your "objective" for the week. If you want, on June 7th we can all post our accomplishment and I will keep track.

I guess I am thinking I would like to do this exercise challange for a month or so - however long it takes to make it a habit!!!!!

So I will keep track if ya all want - didn't I sound Southern?????

Well, I will post more tomorrow night - I was in my car driving from 7AM to 4PM and it has taken a toll on me !

Tricia, hang in there we will help you lose those last few pounds no matter what it takes.

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.
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