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Hey Ladies, i have'nt been on in a while. I have just been off the wagon and struggling to get back on, its like at times is it worth it, or am i worth it. I just cant get my state of mind back to wanting to loose and keep it off. I have been eating out, and eating horrible things. I have even looked into diet pills. I have done them before but didnt want to get on them because i know the weight wouldnt stay off if i do that. I just need help. I need a buddy to keep me on track. I have also been stressing about trying to get another job. I have interviewed for this one and i am one of the top 2 they are looking at, so i will find out the end of this week or begining of next. i really hope i get it, its a little more money and so much closer to my house, which would help with gas. ok well i hope i didnt make all of you down. I think i just need to get back with posting on a regular basis. well talk to you all later, Love you.

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