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5lbs fat vs 5 lbs muscle
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Originally Posted by Gladdy
I give thumbs up to Meg's suggestion Jemima J ; that was a fun read.

Mrs. D, is the book you're referring to Tales from the Scale ? The author is Erin J. Shea and she has an entertaining weight-loss blog called "Lose the Buddha".
(I haven't read the book yet.)

This is a fun thread; I hope we hear lots of good suggestions! If I think of any, I will post them.

It's called somethings wrong with your scale by van whitfield and it was by far the funniest book I've read on weightloss yet. Oh and just an update for all the bridget jones diary is a pretty good book. The author and narrative character is european so sometimes I am struggling with understanding the lingo but all in all it's pretty funny and I'm sure everyone that has ever struggled with juggling weight and life can relate. You'll get a chuckle here and there from it.

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