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If you are well into your program, and ESPECIALLY if you are exercising a significant amount, real persistent physical hunger is something to pay attention to. No, that doesn't give you license to eat junk or eat 1000 extra calories. But, as aphil said, your body may genuinely need the food.

When I am in an intense workout cycle, I add a modest protein shake to my day, and it REALLY helps. I either use one of the AdvantEdge "carb control" shakes that's about 100 calories, or a plain protein powder that's about 100 cal per scoop along with one of my milk exchanges and some flavoring and splenda. Gulp one of these after your workout and you'll be amazed at the difference it makes. You may still feel a little hunger, but it'll take the edge off. And, your body can use the extra protein after your workout anyway.
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