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I wasn't going to recommend this book until I was sure for myself wether the messages worked. I too am tired of reading books that offer no help. But I have read exerpts from the book from on the day that I gave my weight worries completely over to God. I found this book called The Lord's Table by Mike Cleveland. I was totally ecpecting God to show me something and I stumbled on this book just before I was about to shut the computer off and go to sleep--thinking that God may not have heard me. If you can, please look on the web site for this book. Amazon gives it a 5 out of 5. Everyone who's read this book has lost lots of weight and most of all has gained a tighter relationship with God. I have ordered the book and the Lord's Table Leader guide. Both cost a little under $30. I think it's worth it-- you're worth it to God. If this doesn't work... I don't know what else to do God. SO I'm trusting that this will work for me and those who buy or borrow this book. Amen.

Check it out and let the forum know what you think!

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