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"ZOE So HAPPY your son came back from Iraq....we lost a dear 26 yr. old friend there a month ago...and have another one over there..PRAY for him...his name is Juan Sanchez...24 yrs old...ARMY infantry. So you are going to be 40! hahahah...that isn't the BIG ONE!! is it gals.
? 50 IS!!!, I am 51!...I hope you are closer to the 27th...that's me! SUNNY'S is the 8th...way too early in the month for a B-DAY! "............... *********************
************************************************** ********
Gary thank you thank you...................
My prayers to your loss(they really should have a prayer smiley)INFANTRY RULES!!!
Hey Sunny Gabs birthday is the 8th also.Mine is on the 5th and Gary my favorite cousins is on the 27th. I just happen to know February is the moth of extremely creative and gorgeous people!!!!!LOL
Gosh I need to remember all the names.Everyone has been extremely wonderful Gabs reads the threads with me and she like wow mom this is cool.
************Smiley thanks for the encoraging words too!
Well I'm off to a wedding in New York so I won't be online for a couple of days.I would appreciate prayer for safe travel even though we did that in church tonight. But , you can never have too many prayers!
See you guys in a couple of days. God Bless and God speed!!!


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