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Smile What The Heck Is Going On Here??


WELCOME EVERYONE....stick around, you will like it here!

Well the company all headed home this afternoon, all is back to normal Like anyone here knows what that is.

So many posts to catch up on...good thing I planned dinner already...leftovers from Monday Angie has BUNKO tonight so just the guys nephew, son and I....gonna be burritos again!!

Angie and I are taking the next couple of days off and going to Santa Barbara area to watch Amanda in a tournament..( for those daughter plays college tennis). She is a senior so not too many matches left ...for dad to see. Although even when my son's college track was over he still found sports to play in that I could go watch.


Seriously dear...I am so proud of you for continuing your work-outs this last ENTIRE year...even during the tough times on the health issues!! And I know without asking that Joe is proud of you too! I am sure you "reward" each other ...By the way, how is that good guy's van going for him? Hope it is still a sweet ride!...but mostly a SAFE ride!! Can't spend much time posting to you tonight dear...we just have so many now to get to...and finger at a time..well, it is a slow go...better grab another beer......KIDDING!!!!...or maybe not

SHERRY Great job on packing the lunch! How is softball going? Angie just came home from my step-d's game and said they were winning easily and that Lara had a double! Praying for an easy few days for you and a great FAMILY week-end.

Angie just came home and is making fritatas for her BUNKO night...spinach, tomatoe, basil, garlic and! all I got is burritos

WILMA Kitchen cabinet pictures??? How did the lunch go? are you still "bossy" MARTHA? Were my wedding ideas any help?

MICHELE Hope you are over know...women thing.

SUE~SUE~SUE~~~ I miss my SUE...mean 'ol Sunny said you won't be back until the end of the month...guess I will have to believe her..since there is NO WAY I am going to try to find that post with all the new ones!! Hope you had/are having fun!!

SAMI Hey Skinny...come back!

MARILYN How is that puppy? Daughter? Son behaving? WALKING!! Please be walking!!


You are well on your way to a healthy "NEW" don't know me yet...(is you ask the regulars that could be a good thing )...I did a marathon..26.2 miles...a few years ago...with my wife...and quit smoking about 7 years ago, after smoking for 25 years...YOU CAN GO 2 BLOCKS EVERY DAY!!...and that is just the start

WILMA Just saw your post...glad things are on the right track...hopefully!

ANDREA Maybe you can get with MKAY and work out a "double" wedding to save on expenses Great job on the nursing school. My sister in law was a surgical nurse, married my bil...a she is a director of a surgery center making "almost" 6 figures!!...not to mention his $$$$ go girl!!

ZOE So HAPPY your son came back from Iraq....we lost a dear 26 yr. old friend there a month ago...and have another one over there..PRAY for him...his name is Juan Sanchez...24 yrs old...ARMY infantry. So you are going to be 40! hahahah...that isn't the BIG ONE!! is it gals.
? 50 IS!!!, I am 51!...I hope you are closer to the 27th...that's me! SUNNY'S is the 8th...way too early in the month for a B-DAY!

RACHEL Great job on joining CURVES! and on the 6 pound loss!! I knew you were a LLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER

About the TICKER TAPE message?? it looks MEAN ...I'm old...don't understand it.

MYISHA Very pretty name...Good job by the boys on the "treatin' of their ladies!!!" I hope you are all feeling better soon!

CHRISTY DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED!! by no loss...each day...EACH a step towards YOUR NEW LIFE...STEPS!! one at a time!! Keep walking, keep eating healthy....there is NO SECRET DIET!!!....don't get caught up in the FAST FOOD/FAST WEIGHT LOSS junk....keep walking and eat healthy...YOU KNOW WHAT EATING HEALTHY MEANS!! and take it slow and small step, one pound, one inch, one dress size, one MOMENT at a time...and I promise you...GOD WILL GIVE YOU "TIME"...TIME to be a LOOOOOOOOOOSER!!

MARGIE Sorry you got "POPED" out yesterday and spent too much time in front of the TV instead of walking. As far as the $10 winnings goes...well, let's just say my nephew NEVER pays off his bets!!...but if by some miracle he does...I will place it in the youth group basket at church!
I hope you never have to hear another child 911 call...thank-you for being there for those that need you! As far as the 5 POUND LOSS one here really cares............

MKAY So you are turning 50 in Sept. humm, I could tell you were older and wiser How is that DH doing with the swelling? Is he helping any more buddies out? Going 40 minutes is going to be so easy for you! I know you will be our next HERO!!

Hope I didn't miss anyone...need to get off...nephew is going to do...are you ready for this?.....HOMEWORK!!...

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