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Originally Posted by famograham
...So, can you tell me what is the busiest area of the boards, or give me any tips or suggestions as a newbie? I'd appreciate anything you have to share!...
Well I'm quite the newb myself so anything I can suggest suggest about the forums isn't from experience necessarily! These forums are great when it comes time for motivation. Support and success both seem to be "busy" areas, but I think it's most important that you make use of all of the forums. Even though I rarely or never post there, I like to read exercise, ladies who lift, maintainers, weight watchers... I find great ideas and encouragement in all of them. There's a 20-somethings forum at the bottom of the list that you might be interested in posting in since you're 27 (I'm 26 btw )

You said a sense of community has become important to you. I think you'll find that here. Today I was reading the TOPS forum and I think that sounds like a really nice program. TOPS is a support network set-up in smaller, local chapters and it's cheap! If you're interested read this.

On weight loss, everyone's different! I see a lot of successful people who post that they went on a structured diet, all-or-nothing, and finally managed to stick with it. My personal success, however, was just being honest with myself and admitting that I was not eating in a healthy manner. After that I decided to make small changes, here and there, to improve my life. I never started with weight loss in mind. I said, "I'm going to be healthier and make intelligent choices... and if I lose weight that's great. But if not, hey, I'll know I'm healthy..." and that worked for me.

Since you've already lost you obviously know some things that work for you. My biggest suggestion would be to make sure that the changes that you make are ones that you are willing to stick with long term. I think the term "life style" change is really much more appropriate than "diet". Maybe you can follow a strict plan for a few months and lose weight, but if you can't follow it forever you'll probably regain in the long run So I always think, start small... and see where it gets you! What are some reasonable things you ways you can ammend your eating and activity habits on a daily level? Think of some, try them out, and chances are you'll lose a few pounds. And as you lose you'll become increasingly motivated to make more small changes Be healthy and happy

Anyway, I hope that helps out. PM me anytime if you need to talk more... and I'll see you around the boards!
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