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Hello all! So sorry I have been missing in action this week but I hope everyone had a good week. That flu I had last weekend took a while to get completely tummy was still irritated for days so I was eating soft foods like rice and soup clear into my work week. The appetite monster returned on Wednesday with a vengeance! It felt good to go have a long, hard workout at the gym today after missing workouts all last weekend. I did upper body weight training, an hour-long step aerobics class, and another 30 minutes on the treadmill after hours of shopping after. Whew! I think I will sleep well tonight. LOL

Kathy: Good going on the weight loss, girl! And great news about the girl renting the house before closing...extra income can't hurt!

Beth: Welcome! Sorry I wasn't hear to welcome you sooner. Please talk to us about what kind of support would be most helpful. We can talk about food, cooking or exercise tips or emotional support...or all of the above!
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