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Well ... they didn't ... leave me alone so I could clean my house that is. I'm sooo stressed out. I had a steady stream of customers all day long. I sold 2 trailers and took a deposit on another while hubby and the drivers were unloading the trucks this evening. The men couldn't believe it. I've been telling my husband how busy it's been and he just looks at me. I really don't think he's been understanding me. He knows I've been selling at least one every day and taking orders for more but for every one I sell there are three or four more pulling in asking prices and then three or four MORE calling me on the phone. I told him weeks ago I can't continue to do ALL this alone. What with the piano students, house work, church work, shopping, kids etc. etc. etc. on top of it. After supper tonight (at 9 P.M.) he came in the living room (where I had once again collapsed) and said I may have to get someone to come in and clean my house once a week! I just looked at him. I know he was trying to help me out but I really don't want a stranger cleaning my house ... is it just me or does anyone else feel this way, too??? I used to have his aunt come clean and do my washing when I taught school but that was different ... I knew her. I taught music in the public schools every day plus taught piano at home every evening and 1/2 day on Saturdays. Didn't have time to clean. I had 56 students! I don't know anyone to ask now. If I knew someone I could get to HELP me one day a week ... I'm so tired!

And you know what really makes me mad? When people make snide remarks about me NOT working. Like I don't do anything all day long. OH that makes me SOOOOO MAD! I litterally work my butt off nearly every day. Somedays are not as bad as others but then I usually catch up on other things on those days like laundry or housework and piano planning and stuff. Then some family member or 'friend' will say something about it being 'nice' to be able to stay home all day, etc. Or like hubby's niece the other night at the BD dinner when I said I'd about sold out of trailers ...she said ... listen to her, SHE'S about sold out of trailers - you'd think it was HER business. I was so proud of my husband. He said, well, she has. I haven't sold any! She's sold all of them, I'm at work all day! Besides, the business is in HER name ... it's her business and she does all the selling. (I can't stand his niece or her mother!!!) They shut up after he said that! I was vacuuming at church the other night and one of the men came through and grabbed his chest. He said, I about had a heart attack. I said, why. He said, you're actually doing some work. I didn't think you ever worked. I just wanted to pick up the vacuum and hit him with it. Instead, I said, just because I'm beautiful that doesn't mean I can't work, too! That shut HIM up! (I clean the church all the time but I usually do it when no one is there!) I must have a sign on me that says, "FRAGILE ... CAN'T DO MANUAL LABOR" or something! Do any of you have people that just take it for granted that you never DO anything??? Or is it just ME?
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