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Agreed with SAPF that that is some *serious* food porn. Like you, sometimes I like to take my calories in liquid form (see avatar from recent trip to Florida to prove it!).

You know, I'm kinda with everyone else. It may feel like the end of the world now, but it's really not. I struggle with this issue myself as I'm starting to think more about how I will keep this weight off forever. Vacations are the ultimate challenge -- part of you doesn't want to go hog wild, but your routine gets screwed up, you're making a real effort to be social (e.g., not squash the good time of those around you by counting calories), and then you think - "hey, i don't want MY good time sqaushed, either!"

I do think some of those pounds are probably water. On that trip to Florida a couple weekends ago, I gained 3 pounds in one weekend (is that even physically POSSIBLE?), but it came off pretty quickly and seems to have temporarily boosted my metabolism. So let's hope for that. Sounds like you've already regrouped. That's the key in my mind... do you keep up the bad habits, or do you snap back into action to get rid of the vacation weight? You know what you need to do and you're doing it.

And THANK YOU for letting us share in your trip!
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