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Well, I knew you had been away but I didn't know you had gone to Worlds! How cool. I went to SkateAmerica about 10 years ago and had a blast. I was at work during the day so I didn't go to practices and the like but saw ALL of the actual competitons I could. What fun.

As for the food, well ... I've had trips like that. Where I decide to loosen the reins, planning to enjoy the food but not go hog wild. Then ... the hogs show up. LOL

I know the regret you are feeling. All I can say is, this too shall pass. You'll get back on your horse and start the downhill ride once again. (What's with the livestock & bridle metaphors? I have no idea.) When I'm analyzing things like this, I do two major things: First, I think, "What would I have eaten if I had taken this trip BEFORE I started my program?" It's always significantly more. Second, what can I do next time? What kinds of thinking led me down the path of overeating. I see in your post two things I used to do that were big factors in being seriously overweight: The idea of "getting your money's worth" or "might as well eat it since it's free" and "eating in advance."

So, you might have regrets and you might decide the amount of excess wasn't worth it. But I don't think we should be too tough on ourselves for not being strict 100% of the time, and for ENJOYING food. We're just human, and enjoying food is part of the makeup of most of us. I would rather enjoy everything an experience like that trip has to offer, and live with a few extra pounds and some extra work, than cut myself off entirely from an entire facet of the place I'm visiting.
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