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hi singles! popping in to say hi! i have been busy trying to get some packing and planning done. i don't want to wait to the last minute. if i had a closing date set in stone, i'd be out of here pronto. i hate the anticipation.

not having too bad a week. all this moving business is helping to keep the brain busy with something other than food. i plan on having a little home gym at the other house and i ordered the "total gym" from qvc the other day. it was their daily special and quite a deal. i can't wait to get it. when i was going to physical therapy, they had one and reccomended it. it did help strenghten my knees quite a bit. when i sell the house i am going to get a good treadmill. where i'm moving to is out in the boonies and i don't like to walk too far because the last time i tried that i ran into a rabid raccoon.

well, i hope you are having a great week!
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