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Hi Girls!
Well I blew it...sort of... on Saturday. My mom flew in and we all went to my sis's house, there was food everywhere. I went over my points, but I had all my 35 flex pts I hadn't used so I think i actually did manage to stay OP that day, lol. Yet, I really didnt want to use up my flex pts, but oh well, that's what they're there for. I weighed in today and I am 162lbs, means I lost 3lbs...yay! Today i am heading out to go to the movies with a friend, I'll check in later.

About the poll...Although I am 27yrs old now ever since i turned 24yrs old I always worry about wasting my time and not accomplishing much with my life. I know i exaggerate, but still it worries me. For example, once i get my income tax return I want to invest money in the stock market, so I guess my fear is more towards being financially stable when I am older. Which I guess also has to do with the fact, that I am single and although I would like to meet someone lately, (after breaking up with Andy- remember my ex with the drinking problem?) I am just not eager about sharing my life with someone. I find it hard to trust and open up, guess I just need more time, but its been over a yr now. Anyway, dont want to ramble here, hehe.

Amanda- Good girl! Mess up one day, but just pick up on the next day and take it from there. You're doing good.

Carrie-I'll have you and your dh in my thoughts, best of luck.

Faye-Hehe, your dg sounds adorable. Can't wait to see the pics. Oh and the bird i think I'll name it(not sure yet if a girl or boy) Tweedle Lee, lol...just because i can't whistle so I say something that sounds like that and it responds by singing, so think unless i come up with something else it'll be Tweedle Lee, lol. Oh, and sorry to hear your dd is still giving you two a hard time. About the Notebook, I loved that movie!

Julie-I hope you're doing good and that we hear form you soon.

Okay girls, enjoy the day!
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