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Amanda (Thur)

Carri: Hope hubby's news will be good come Tues and he will be fit as a fiddle.

Ok, this morning was good and bad. My grandson was sooooo cute during practice, BUT the soccer park was a huge MUD PIT. I had on dress pants and sandals because I needed to go shopping afterwards. Ruined my shoes, almost slipped and popped my knee out in the mud and yuck, had to endure the brat from **** and she was in fine form. She chewed her dad out in front of strangers practically screaming at him, then ignored us and sucked up to her in-laws the whole time. Not only that, but we didn't bring chairs and had to stand for 1 1/2 hours and my feet, ankles, calves and knees have been screaming ever since. My dd did not even once offer to let me sit down for a few minutes. We went out and bought some chairs, but I am not going back into that mud pit. Hopefully it will be dry Thur for practice. The one thing that was funny is T does NOT like to have dirty hands and of course he had to take his turn as goalie and catch a filthy ball. After the first time, he told the coach, "I am not going to be a goalie anymore because they get dirty hands!" The coach laughed, but he made him do his part. T would come over to his mom after every session and wipe his hands off. They tried to get him to wipe them on his shirt, but he said he didn't want to get dirty (unfortunately, he had fallen in the mud and his whole backside was muddy as well as legs, socks and shoes. ) I will post a pic as soon as dh downloads them.

Hope you are all having a fine day!

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