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Hi all,

I got 3 points yesterday! I got up late today and nearly missed my swim - I was a bit disappointed about missing it, so in the end I gulped down a quick cup of coffee and raced down there! I ended up having a really good swim and had alot more energy than I've had over the last few days.

Dorothy - Well done for managing to stick within your points. I did WW for a bit and that exact thing happened to me once - I bought a 'healthy eating' type pizza and guessed the points would be about 10 - it turned out it had 37 points!! Well done for still managing to stay on track - it would have been easy to think 'oh well I've blown it now, might as well pig out!!' - or maybe that's just me!

FAYE - Thanks for clearing up that birthday alarm thing - it's nice and clear now! Keep safe during the storms.

To Carri, Nikki, Julie, Sandy and Susan!

Love Amanda x

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