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Originally Posted by journeygirl
I think people probably dissappear when they aren't doing so well in there weight lose efforts, at least that's what I do.
Jodie, I think you're right on the money about that! I think that's why we had a booming thread going BEFORE the holidays but AFTER the holidays, it was pretty much down to just Kathy and I for a while!

Sheria Va, what type of medication do you have to take and what's it for? Hope that's not too personal, if it is I appologize. Where did you go for vacation? And where are you from?
I take medication for high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, hormone replacement, acid reflux and anxiety. Plus I take a few other non-prescription supplements, so it adds up to a lot of pills every day!

I am originally from Ohio but have been living in the Washington, DC area for over 30 years now (I'm 52). I usually go on vacation in the spring with a group of friends to the Caribbean but, for various reasons, that got called off this year. I realized I couldn't make another couple of months without taking off some time from work, so I just took a week off and spent half of it visiting my best friends in Delaware (at the beach) and the other half at home doing some things around the house, getting laundry caught up, errands, etc.

Thanks for sharing some info about you!
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