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Sure has been quiet around the ol' singles thread. (sigh) Hoping to see some new folks join us or some of our previous folks come back to visit.

First day back to work after vacation here. BLECH. This SUCKS! And of course, now that I am back to work, the weather forecast is STUNNING. GRR. I forgot to take my meds yesterday so, in addition to having extra weight on the scale this morning due to water retention (I take a prescription diuretic to help keep my blood pressure in check), my stomach is raging from lack of my Prilosec. Ow. I rarely forget to take my meds a whole day like that...noticed at bedtime that Monday's pills were still in the box and knew it was too late at that point to do anything about it. Ah well, I will survive that. My first day back at work, I dunno about that. LOL
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