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Default When do you stop losing?

Now, of course I know it's individual... but I am considering weight loss surgery and am concerned that I might lose too much. I am 5'11" and was a bean pole growing up, and gained a ton of weight in college and beyond. At this point, I have been obese for nearly 10 years, and have tried EVERYTHING , I mean EVERYTHING, to lose. I'm tired of the yo-yo dieting, losing and gaining 40 pounds every few months. My best friend had GB last year, and it has changed her life. I don't see any reason to continue struggling and be absolutely miserable with my life if there is something out there I can do about it. I'm just really concerned that I may turn back into a bean pole, as silly as that sounds. I'd like to lose about 100 pounds, which would roughly make me around a size 14.... but if I go beyond that, I will be really upset. I like having a curvy, womanly figure.

I'm going to a seminar at Emory Medical Clinic in Atlanta next week; but I thought I would see if anyone here has any feedback.

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