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Feeling hopeless.
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I have seen a lot of good/bad on this stuff, but primarily it ended up being the BBB report that swayed me. So I stopped my check. I'm disappointed but ok with it. I'm always looking for something and though I do realize some metabolic boosters give you the up/down effect, I had found in the past the ones that didn't. My problem now is finding a different one. Excercise is hard or impossible when waking up with a migraine is the first thing, trying to get ready for work and not call in sick and lose your job, worrying your not caring about your child enough and trying not to have another headache as you go to bed. Funny though, some ppl might find this interesting. I was actually inspired this weekend by a brochure book I received from Prevention. Below is the title:

"What in the world is wrong with me?”

“I can’t lose weight no matter how hard I try”
“I feel so sluggish all the time”
“I’m so forgetful. I think I’m losing my mind”
“I find myself craving foods between meals”
“I don’t sleep as well as I used to”
“I’m a happy person, but sometimes I feel so blue”
“My vision isn’t as sharp as it used to be”
“My mind feels so mushy all the time”

The name of the book they are promoting is called The Sugar Solution. I did some research on their web and read over the brochure and found the similiarities quite profound. Back in my teens I was diagnosed w/sugar problems, but during my pregnancy, go figure everything was normal. I thought I must've outgrown it.

To many coincidences as of late and symptoms related to my condition made me question if I had developed hyperglycemia AFTER my son was born again. I would've never caught it had I not read this brocure. I've ordered the book and I'm hoping it will give me tools to use in my diet that will perhaps alleviate some of my symptoms and maybe even help with my CFS. What I like is that they do not calorie count, I find that not only annoying but tedious.
Instead it gives you a gylcemic index and also neutralizer guide that helps with those I gotta have it foods but in proportion of couse, these are the super-low GI foods that not only keep your blood sugar low by themselves, but also reduce the gylcemic effect of all the other foods on your plate. Example would be cinnamon. Cinnamon stimulates the production of glucose-burning enzymes and increases the effectiveness of insulin. Same with garlic, onion and bitter melon. I'm finding this stuff most interesting and if what I'm thinking might be true and my sugar is what is effecting me symptomatically than this could be why I'm suffering daily from some sort of problem along with the fatigue.
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