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Good Evening, Flowers!
We left this morning to babysit for Ian. It ended up that we met his mom and dad for lunch at the mall, then went to Beth's house to play with Maddy for awhile. Back to Ian's house for a nap that didn't happen. There is a pizza place where you can order your pizza and then bake it at home so we all ended up at Ian's house for a pizza supper. The weather dropped 15 degrees during the afternoon and then the rain turned to snow. We drove home in a ground blizzard which is not fun. There's not alot of snow but it blows so hard that you can't see and it covers the highway so you can't see the center or the edges in some places.

"Gma" -- The movies sound cute -- I'll have to see if I can find them. We watched Rolie Polie Olie on the VCR this afternoon. A little of that goes a long way!

I am heading off to bed! Have a nice weekend!

Jean -- from Iowa!

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