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Morning girls! HAPPY ST PADDIES DAY!

Jean: We are leaving to go to Indiana a week from today. I guess Jack has a 2 day seminar on PLC's to go to Tue and Wed so he is at the plant next week only on Mon so he is jazzed about that. He told me yesterday that rumor is that part of the people laid off (about 20) are going to be working out at the plant. I said doing what and he said cleaning up and stuff I guess, I don't know. Well, come to find out, the treatment plants are the ONLY thing that makes money and the city employees out there are paid from a federal fund and net profit from that and not from the city exactly so that is why no one where he worked got laid off and why they are putting them all out there. They are trash collecters without any training so who knows what they will have them doing. I guess doing what they do in a norm, the smell etc shouldn't bother them!

We watched such a cute children's movie last night, Home on the Range. I think your older grandkids (over 4) would love it. It is pretty funny and adults will get the jokes in it kids may not. It is a cartoon and Roseanne plays a cow, is that type casting or what????? Most of the voices are not famous names, but well known in voiceover because you recognize their voice. They have a yodeling cattle rustler and whoever does the yodeling is the best I have ever heard. Randy Quaid does the voice of the rustler but I doubt seriously he does the yodeling, but who knows?

We are having roast, carrots, mashed pot, rolls and I baked those break apart choc chip cookies for dessert last night. I am (keep your fingers crossed) doing really well and had enough pts for 2-3 but only ate one then ate a cube of lowfat cheese as a snack later instead with lowfat crackers. I just hope I can keep the ball rolling! I think I told you I made and saved a meal list and exercise list I can fill in each day to help me stay on track. I am really going to try hard to stay within my limits in Indiana if possible. We usually eat out a LOT!

Well, I need to go and get some treadmill work done.

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