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Morning everyone!

Jean: Popcorn for dinner? I would probably get a tummyache from that one. I also have a lot of trouble with the kernels getting stuck in my throat and me not being able to dislodge them and it causing a sore throat infection so I rarely eat popcorn.

I am shampooing downstairs carpets this morning. Oh what fun! The dog dragged something in on his paws and it messed up the carpet and even my stain lifter couldn't get it out so...The carpets are old and awful anyway so I try to keep them up to snuff as much as I can. No new floors until next year!
I also have treadmill work today so I probably will be pooped when Jack gets home tonight.

Poor Jack had to drive way out and around to work this morning. Some semi had an accident on I-55 right at his exit. Dumped a whole load of bricks. Thank goodness Jack watches the morning news while eating breakfast. There is 2 ways to get to his plant, off the interstate and drive way back in, or through the state park. Going that way takes longer and is way out of the way besides being dangerous because it is all curves and the trees are overgrown and hang so it is pitch black even in the day time. You literally can turn onto the road into the park in bright sunshine and two minutes later have to turn your lights on to see. Right after Jack went to work there, a guy from his plant was killed in the afternoon going home when someone missed a curve going too fast and hit him head on. Makes me real nervous. Some of the curves are so sharp it is like making a right hand turn onto a street. You have to practically stop. He had to be at work at 7 and left here at 5 after so I am sure he is safe and sound by now.

I have a feeling we already may have new neighbors. I thought I heard the sound of a washer this morning, but it may have been something else. I know someone was over there yesterday afternoon and evening.

Looks like there is no Frankie Valli in my future. He won't be there when we are going. I called the box office directly yesterday. That's ok, we will just go to Mystere, which is what our plans were in the first place. Two shows is our budget as together they cost us almost $400. Can you believe that top tickets for the Manilow show are $250 apiece? Celine Dion starts at $88 and goes to $225 apiece and Gladys Knight is $55 and $65 apiece. I don't like them that much! In fact, I don't like anyone that much. Our magic show tickets are $75 apiece and the Cirque de Soleil show, Mystere are $95 apiece and those are for the cheapest of the Cirque de Soleil shows. I think the "O" show start at $94 to $150 or something. The thing is, you have to be careful about the shows if you don't know someone who has been. For example, there was an interactive show called I think, Marriage can be murder II. The cost was $50 apiece for a dinner show. I thought, wow that could be fun helping to solve a murder like those weekend hotel things they have. I looked it up further and found out the restaurant is some little hole in the wall called the Egg and I that serves all kind of egg dishes. I mean they have pictures of the restaurant and it looks like some kind of mom and pop thing. You know, with the cash register sitting on one of those glass cases filled with gum and stuff and the side dishes served in those little plastic cups. UH-UH not for $50 apiece, I don't think so! I also found out, the restaurant owner writes the script and she and her husband act in it! Now if it had been half that totally like $25 for a couple, then maybe. I thought about going to see the Neil Diamond impersonater Jay White because I heard he is pretty good and he even looks like Neil a little, but again the tickets are $50 and $60 apiece to go see someone pretend to be somebody else! I mean, I went to Tunica and saw Wayne Newton IN PERSON, 4th row and it only cost me about that much.

Well, enough talk about my vacation stuff. I know it bores you to death. We only have 5 months and Jack has it figured to the day! We leave to go and see our ds and ddil a week from Thur and our dd and dgs are riding up with us and her hubby comes up the next day so that will be fun. We haven't been together in a long time. Hopefully, my son will keep his mouth shut about the wedding thing and let it all go so there are no arguments etc. My dd, who is usually the start of stuff like that, is more than willing to just let it go. After all, almost a year has past and no one can go back so it is about time to just let things go I think. It is supposed to snow, UGH and none of us has winter coats except Jack. He kept his when we moved down here. No one has boots either though I have these little rubber loafer looking things I can take. Kelly wants us to take our swimsuits so we can get into their hot tub. She thinks sitting in a hot tub in the snow is fun! I am not so sure about that.....

Everybody have a good day

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