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So much of what you all say is true. I also have been in the situation where people who new I was trying to lose weight would watch every bite I ate. I have one person who at family dinners will give the WW point values of every food. Or someone will say, "Oh, I made WW food for you." Not only does that embarass me, it draws attention to me, something I definitely don't like.

I also can relate to still having issues in my life even if I were thin. At the age of almost 45 I seem to come from a generation (or maybe it is a local thing) where thin=happy, when I am thin I will automatically be happy. When I am thin there will be the same stresses I have now. I might look better while dealing with them!!! But they will still be there. A friend who had stomach stapling and lost 150 pounds recently made the comment that losing weight had been good for her health, but the rest of her life had not changed dramatically and she was almost disappointed. It is almost like we expect when we get thin to be recognized and crowned for our accomplishments, and some people will do that, while most will go on with the problems of their lives.

I guess all we can do is fight the good fight.

Hug a child today!!!!
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