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Ooh! Stormy! Tell me how you like the boot camp videos...I've been eyeing them.

Today was good. I wrote down ALL my goals. And I accomplished all of them. Yay! And it's not even 10.

I did the WHOLE tape of Tae Bo (That was my date with Billy Blanks, red...He's the Tae Bo guy).

I wrote about 500 words, which is a little light. But I wrote! I did it all!

Shan- that's a crazy adventure. And to come back to crappy work nonsense. Man you never know what will happen in life.
For the scar, it will fade. They always look nasty when they are fresh. But it's nothing really...When I was a teenager, I had the WORST nasty purple stretch marks. They were SO embarrasing. I am so white I am transparent...The purple showed up really bad. But they faded and are no big deal. Give it time, your tummy will be fabulous before you know it.

Shan- poor thing. Health to you, and drink some tea...

We can do it, guys!

How did this happen?!
I guess it's all stuff I decided to do...
Which means I am in control...!
And I have what it takes to get where I want to go!
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