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Good morning people. Let's see trying my voice out a little here. Yes, it's definitely better. I don't feel so hot though. Wondering if I should go riding. I have so much other things that are not getting done but today is supposed to be a springlike day and I would like to be out with the horse. Always a tough call. . . .

shanberg -- sorry to hear you're still sick. But it sounds like you're on the mend. Hope you get better real soon! Thanks for stopping in to post despite being sick. I take it you were able to go to work. AND you read back over the old posts from the last thread. What a sweetie. I am told everyone dreams but they just don't remember it. I dream so much. I could go on and on about all my dreams. I even dream in the trains when I'm nodding off there! I am a shallow sleeper, can wake up in an instant and do wake up often during the night. That's when REMs are supposed to be, when your sleep is shallow so I guess that's why. Actually, though the being burglarized part was very yucky and the overall feel of that dream was not nice I think the wrestling the guy down part may have been because that night when we were out drinking it was a coworkers birthday and we were pretending we were going to wrestle him down and give him birthday spanks! But that was all in fun and the dream wasn't so I like your analysis better. Complete nutcase. . . hmm. possible . . I think I do walk a fine line. .. And shan, actually, you didn't rant at all. I'm expecting more from you later!

doinmybest -- good going on getting your writing down (I take it that's who Billy blanks is) writing down your food and not going overboard. Wish I could say the same. Then again, I don't think the quantity is stupendous with me because I'm off sugar, but I am not eating healthily. Keep on keeping on, doin! Best of luck!

NBK -- thanks for that lengthy explanation of what happened to you. How awful. And you don't even know if the appendectomy was necessary. Probably wasn't but the doctors won't tell you that afterward. Still, like you said, it will alleviate that worry if you're off in the boonies somewhere. I had similar happen whlie I was in Munich and I think they did butcher me. I've seen people with tiny scars and I was slashed across the belly like a harakiri ritual suicide. And they didn't explain anything and wouldn't answer my questions. German doctors are horrible, much like Japanese. Are ABOVE answering questions from the lowly patient. Anyhow, I think I did tear my insides because I was running a bar at the time and soon after the operation I was lifting heavy beer crates. I was back on my feet very quickly though. Anyhow, don't worry about the scar. It'll fade a lot and scars are cool to show off! Go for the crop tops. Like I said, it will get a lot better looking. You're making me jealous with talk of your sweet boyfriend, well, not jealous, but I sure wish there was someone around in my life like that. Well, gotta run. Thanks again for that long explanation!
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