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Red - ok... sorry sometimes I forget that other people can't read my thoughts. This often gets me into trouble with thinking I have told people things that I haven't!

so here's the quick catch up:
on the 21/2 I went back to work after a fantastic holiday on the goldcoast and then in my home town (christchurch = chch) with the boyfriend. In aussie we shopped, sunned and just had a brilliant time. It was really nice to have just the two of us and not have to worry about anything. Then we got back to CHCH just in time for the velvet revolver concert. We couldn't get the hotel we wanted as CHCH was booked out due to the Rod Stewart, VR and Cher concerts all being in the same week, So we stayed at the Crowne Plaza, one of the top hotels in town... well wouldn't you know it, that's where the BAND were staying.. They arrived as I was saying good bye to my dad who had come for a coffee in the lobby.. I called out to scott and he came over and said hello to dad and me.. I must have come across as such an idiot as I was smiling so wide I think my ears were split.. he he.. anyway then BF and I were coming down to leave for the concert and there is Slash and his Mrs in the bar! So we talked to him too! It was soo cool. The concert was awesome too. They played some wicked STP songs, like crackerman and some GnR aswell as all the songs off the VR album save loving the alien.. but it's not really the sort of song you'd play at a concert. It was loud but SOOO much fun. Anyway got back to New Plymouth (home) and slept ALOT and caught up with friends.
So on monday the 21st I went to work. I wasn't feeling to crash hot, but figured it was just post holiday blues.. anyway BF and I went out for lunch to a sandwhich bar here...all afternoon I was feeling nauseous and wanting to puke, but I can't throw up in public spaces.. i have good control of my stomach when i need it. Anyway I went home and proceeded to have a marathon of puking... in the end i got sick of trying to be sick and went to the hospital for anti-nausea drugs. BIG MISTAKE.. next thing I know there's a drip in my arm, I have doctors, nurses and randoms prodding my very tender stomach and they're keeping me in for observation. They suspected appendicitis. I knew it wasn't but I also wasn't feeling any better... anyway in the morning the specialist came in and effectively punched me in the guts then asked if it hurt,... well duh!! So I ended up having Laproscopic surgery with an appendectomy just to find out what the **** happened. I learnt that I HATE BEING IN HOSPITAL! And also that my BF is incredible. Hospitals make him physically sick.. but he stayed with me almost the whole time, apart from going home to get things for me or to have a shower or eat. They let him sleep in my room and then moved me into the lounge at night so he could sleep next to me when i was in a general ward too. He's amazing. Anyway so..I didn't have appencitis, just a really nasty virus that i am still dealing too. BUt yay for operations. NOT. At least now if I ever end up working in africa, I don't have to worry about being butchered in an emergency appendectomy. So the last two weeks I have been learning to sit and then walk upright.. seriously for about 4 days all I could do was a really pathetic hunched over old lady shuffle... and it will be 3 weeks before I can do anything remotely exciting, 6 before I can do weights and probably 6 months before I can ride, as I use my core muscles (which have been cut through and need to heal) so much on a horse.

hmmm so yeah. I have scars on my stomach which I am not stoked about, as one thing I did like about my body was that I have very smooth nice skin. Not now.. I do have some stretch marks on my back, but I can't see them.. and they're more the line you can see rather than the type you can feel. I know it sounds pathetic, but I was really looking forward to being able to wear crop tops when I got toned in that area and now... pfft.. yeah only if I want to scare big children as well as small! lol...

Anyway I am alive and well. so that's good. SOrry for boring the pants off you all
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