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Angry Thursday Chatters

Hi gang!
I believe it's time for another chatters thread.

Susan, you asked how my trip went.....great!
It was so relaxing. Our friends live near Woodville, in the Piney Woods of Texas (for non-Texans). We saw deer and rabbits crossing the roads. I loved it! Our friends were so happy for us to see their new home. They are healthy eaters so there wasn't a problem. We did make a dewberry cobbler before we left. Fantastic....

Susan, tell us about your theraphy, if you don't mind. What do they have you do?

Linda, are you home?

Kimmy-jo, we miss you------talk to us.

Tammy, how was your weekend? Is it still tense around your house? I hope not.

Dee, are you out there just reading? What are you and your daughter doing this summer for fun?

Everyone that I didn't call by name, I'm not slighting you.

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