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Ok, quickie here. I don't feel all that bad until I try to talk and nothing comes out! I did get into work but got there late and left early. The place always makes me feel ill but I did feel like I was running between a fever and chills.

doinmybest -- don't worry about being scattered. Happens to the best of us! Two days is better than none, and better than I did! Don't knock it.

You may feel close but remember this is a constant thing, a way of life. The vision yes, but I'd be careful of feeling "close." I think that can lead to an all or nothing attitude and you don't need that. whoops, soapbox time!

I hear you on the artist stuff. Yes, if you are an artist then you need to have other artists around you, or movies or books about or by them. Not always but at times, as a touchstone. Kind of like the ugly duckling having to go play with the swans sometimes. Not saying that artists are all beautiful swans and the rest of the people ugly! Just, you know what I mean.. .

Yes, doin, writing is hard, and if it's any solace to you, the vast majority of writers find it difficult. So, don't think if you're not happily typing away or rushing to sit down and scribble that you are somehow less of a writer. Writing is about what you submit, what goes on the page in the final form (if you're talking professional writer). If you sweat blood to get it there, well, no one but you needs (or wants) to hear it (except perhaps aspiring writers.) So, don't worry. Just write, scribble, garbage, anything, but do it, over and over again. That's my advice.

I think a plan can be good, just as far as sitting down and writing. What comes out may be drivel but the discipline of sitting down can give rise to some good stuff too. But, whoops, you suddenly switched from writing to eating, maybe you weren't looking for advice anyhow. Oh well, you got it.

NBK -- wow, mega words. You're back. Great to see long rambling posts again. I love 'em. Just what till shanberg gets in here and the two of you get going. Sure wish grasshopper would hop in for a bit. Haven't heard anything from her in ages. We had a real hopping place here too. Well, guess it's up to us, crime girl, stormy and anyone else I've forgotten to hold the fort.

OK, now, I may be dense but just what happened to you NBK? I know you have the blood problem but I'm still unclear on the stitches and whereabouts they came from. This isn't related to the lip-biting, is it? Collagen implants?! My God! What are you doing to yourself there?

OK, no riding, and you found a horse? What's this? Remember, you've been mighty scarce around here, so I don't think it was us'uns youz was talkin to. Oh, god, no gym either? Your poor thing, really, seriously. Is there anything you can do? Can you swim perhaps or ride a bike or jog. Give me the messy details. We want to know!

Ok, I'm turning in. Don't know if I can make it riding tomorrow. I'm finally getting something on the canter. Learning how to maintain the contact, or rather, not allow her to yank the reins away at the trot/canter transition, while pushing from behind, then quickly go with her when she does go, still maintaining an elastic contact so as not to hold her back. It makes for a much better canter then from the start instead of going into a bad one and then thinking she's going to get better from there. Do you know what I'm saying?
Ok, sorry, nonhorsey types. . .

Ciao tutti!

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