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I am back at work.. but for how long today we'll see... to those who asked about getting shafted, yes it does mean mistreated. My ankles are very sore from being grabbed while I get "shafted" if you get what I mean. I went to talk to my big manager about my performance review to day and his attitude was why are you bothering me with this stuff.. when I explained that the two supervisors under him were away and when i talked to them last week they said to go to him anyway he still looked unimpressed. he also did NOT ask me how I was and when I mentioned I had been away for a month due to having an operation and being on leave before then he looked at me like "you should have come in the moment you were out of surgery!" etc.. the meeting went so successfully. I am so pleased to work here. THen they tell me they are moving me out to site, but not the one that was promised or that I explained why i reasons mean I need a fair amount of sleep.. driving for 4 hrs each day to and from work is not condusive to that, along with the 11 hour day expected at work! the other site is only 1.5 hours of driving a day. grrr grrr grrr.. so welcome back tiff.. sorry to rant. maybe I should show them my scars....on the good side, weight is still in the 72's still can't really lose any more as can't actually walk for longer than about 5 min without being in pain.. BF is offshore now, but so lovely and sweet.. aahhh... umm yeah so as I am lazy and also really busy at work (who's heard of easing into things here? pffft) can someone give me a quick run down on the last month???
Red - how's the horse??
Stormy - how's school/work combo going
LGH - what foods can you eat now???
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