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Music is pretty much everything to me, and my taste runs the gamut from punk and classic rock to jazz and R&B and showtunes and anything in between. Just about everything, although I'm not a huge fan of country music.

Most recently, I can't get enough of U2. I've loved them since the very beginning, and their lastest record (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb) is just delicious. Seriously, I haven't stoppped listening to it since it came out.
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I've been waiting a long time for this moment to come
I'm destined for anything at all
Downtown lights will be shining on me like a diamond
Ring out under the midnight hour
No one can touch me now
And I can't turn my back
It's too late ready or not at all
I'm so much closer than I have ever known...
Wake up.

|| green day ||
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