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Good Morning All: Ali I loved you using the term "pedal pusher" because that is what they are. DD allways laughs when I use that term. Yes you have seen white or winter ducks Ali. It is still snowing here, the little flakes so the accumulation is only about 8 inches in the last day or so. The Curves diet is very similar to SSing except the full fat thing. I have been using her recipes but not the full fat stuff and they are still good. Do you girls in the US get the Heinz vegetables sauses? I have started using them and they jazz up the veggies. Today for lunch I am having a chicken greek salad from the Curves book. I am still sticking to the veggie and protein thing and keep low carb bread in the freezer for the times I just to have bread but it isn't in front of me making my life miserable I think I lost weight faster SSing but am afraid to switch in case the full fat thing would put some weight back on. I couldn't weigh myself yesterday because new members were being processed but tomorrow I will and hopefully I will see a couple of pounds gone. DH is doing taxes not a happy time, wish it wasn't snowing so I could get out of here away from him Well I guess that's it for now. Later
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