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Pat, I also have read a lot of stuff by Dr. Phil, and his idea that I am fat because I want to be is where I am stuck.

I know that there is some truth there, but I can't find it. No, I don't want to be fat, but I am. I have looked deep inside myself for some deep seated psychological problem, but can find none. I have a great husband, wonderful daughter who's worst problem to date is that she doesn't like to empty the dishwasher (she is 16, I count myself fortunate). We have enough money to eat (obviously). I have a job I love. I think my main problem is that I LOVE food. I like to fix it, I like to eat in, eat out, etc.

I think the main issue I have to deal with is how to limit myself to things I love to eat and still stay around 1600-1800 calories. This is the amount my doctor recommends. I see other people do it and assume that I can as well.

It is a battle!!!!!

Hug a child today!!!!
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