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Hi Everyone!!!
Its snowing like crazy. I am taking a couple of minutes to touch base.
Nikki, you are weigh (pun) thinner than me. You forget I gained a load of weight when my dad was sick etc. I started this
year at 255 I am currently 235 and my first goal is to lose 36 pounds.
I was really bad this weekend though. I bought some of these low carb
icecream bar thingys and polished them sOOOOO, that was a mistake.

Aleka, work is a drag, what can I say. We are so busy I can hardly recogonize this job anymore. I am here alone until noon each day so when
the wickett gets busy......It is really touch dealing with patients and trying
to do the bank deposits ( 5 different bank accounts) and posting all the
figures to the g/l. Sometimes I get a burning pain down the back of my
neck which I know is stress.

Hi Lynn, I bet you are drinking your Tim Hortons on a day like this!!!
How did it go at curves?

Believe you can and the rest will follow......
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