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Good morning ladies,

Lunch went pretty well yesterday. We ended up going, you guessed it, shopping!! I bought 2 more pair of capri pants. I find them so comfortable and they're great down here when you really don't want to wear shorts someplace and you want to stay cool. I found out that she and I have quite a few things in common, we have the same taste in clothes, we seemed to have picked up the same capri pants.

Nikki, Lynn, glad I didn't screw you guys up changing your options. I just happen to come across this in a post on another forum. I always wondered if there was an easier way to change colors and fonts when I've seen so many posts with different colors in them.

Lynn, I also heard about that Walmart in Quebec. It will be interesting as how it all turns out. It seems that Walmart wins at everything anyway. A lot of people don't like Walmart, but it seems a lot more people do. How did things go at Curves?

Nikki, your favorite color! There are flamingos down here. The only places I've ever seen them is a bird sanctuary. There is a place in Sarasota called Sarasota Jungle Gardens, that have flamingos. When we were there at Christmas time, DH was taking a photo of some lights and had to go near the pond area that housed all the flamingos. They were rather upset with him, started making some noise, and a couple of them started to advance towards him, but not fast. I have never seen them in anybodys yard, except for the plastic ones, which I have 2 of. My girlfriend has always said that anyone who lives in FL has to have pink plastic flamingos in their yard. So, when she visited she gave me 2 pink plastic flamingos. I honestly didn't think she'd do it, but she did. I named them Harry & David after one of our favorite gourmet food stores.

Anne, how did your first day back at work go? Hope everything went well for you.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Catch ya later,

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